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Yes, you! We know you have a fantastic idea for web app development. Are you wondering how we know that? You should know there will be more than 1.35 million technology start-ups in 2020.

Now that you’re here, let’s not lie and accept how technology growth has changed our lives. The demand for software development company has increased immensely due to the frequent rise in new technologies development. The market trends change quickly, with several companies wanting to invest in web app development. However, the huge concern these days is to choose the expert web developers that suit your business requirements.

Until now, some people have suggested that you hire a full stack developer, or some have recommended the work of a Specialized developer. But we understand how tough it is to make a choice when it comes to full stack vs Specialized developer. To help you fix this, we have come up with a solution after which you will get the most effective results.

Let’s get you out of the dilemma of full stack vs Specialized developer and offer you something you’re looking for eagerly.

With some significant research, we have covered almost everything which will help you understand the full stack vs Specialized developer, so read carefully not to miss a part!

Market Stats You Should Look!

meanstack developers


  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, job vacancy for full stack development has increased from 135000 and is expected to reach 853000 by the end of 2024.
  • More than 57.9% of backend developers and 32.8% of frontend developers, and 48.2% of full stack developers were found in the stack overflow survey 2016.
  • According to trusted sources, more than 26.9 million software across the world.
  • According to Statista, the expectancy of the global developer population will be 28.7 million by the end of 2024.

What is a Full Stack Developer?

A full stack developer is a programmer with a skill set in backend and frontend web app development. Several businesses hire full stack development company as they want practical and realistic results on projects, they’re working on by utilising the full stack developer expertise of frontend and backend frameworks. A full-stack developer must know the following languages.

●       Frontend Languages:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • j
  • js
  • Angular

●       Backend Languages

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • C++
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Java
  • GO
  • js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Django
  • Laravel
  • Flask
  • ExpressJS
  • Spring

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What is a Specialised Developer?

Full Stack vs Specialised devveloper

A specialized developer is a programmer with expertise and skill in specific programming languages and work. It is essential to remember that specialized developers do not know about creating custom web development services similar to full-stack developers. You must know that a specialized developer can perform every task, including designing, database, domain modeling, entity framework, and many more, for the specialized development he has experienced.

Pros And Cons of Full Stack Developer

Now the time has come when you should go through some essential pros and cons of a full stack development company. So here in the section, we have gathered almost every essential pro and con of full stack developer that should be kept in mind to get the conclusion of full stack vs Specialized developer.

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Pros of Full Stack Developers

●        Quick Error Identification

It is quite a benefit! A full-stack developer has a comprehensive piece of knowledge in all phases of mobile application development and can therefore see problems with the progress of your project right away. Quick identification of errors will help you avoid wasting valuable development time on such tasks. It is the most crucial thing which makes full stack developers the best and ideal for large business projects.

●        Quick Developers

Yes, full stack developers have proficiency knowledge and are excellent at picking up new ideas and technology. They are skilled experts who can pick things up quickly with their broad understanding of a particular technology’s fundamentals.


If you hire full-stack developers, you can complete the work of a front-end and back-end developer within one developer’s budget. You don’t need a whole crew for your project because a full-stack developer knows every facet of project development.

Note- Don’t confuse full-stack vs specialized developers because hiring a full-stack developer over a specialized developer proves to be more cost-effective and will be a better choice to reduce your web or app development cost.

Less Development Period

You should hire full-stack developers operating on both the client and server sides, enabling them to switch between various activities quickly and dependably. It will automatically reduce the development time of projects with effective results.

Fewer chats and Gatherings

Knowing that there are numerous meetings to understand both sides is critical when your company has separate front-end and back-end developers to handle. When your team includes a full-stack developer, there is no need for important meetings or talks because there is no reliance on the other team members.

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Cons of Full Stack Developers

●  Attrition

Yes, what we always think isn’t right! In the same way, the demand for full-stack developers has increased, but they are constantly presented with advantageous options. Full-stack developers experience a significant turnover rate as a result of this circumstance. Another drawback is that full-stack vs specialized developers choose easier for clients.

●  Availability

Let’s understand it deeply! If you hire a full-stack developer and they fail the project midway through, it could be difficult for you to continue. In the middle of a project, losing a full-stack developer will cost you a considerable burden of responsibility in mobile application development that can’t be fulfilled in a short period. However, it is vital to know that there are not many full-stack developers in the market to hire, so demand is increasing, but to fulfill the demand, full-stack developers aren’t there.


Inadequate Knowledge of the Latest Trends and Technologies

It is essential to know that full-stack developers use various technologies in their job because they don’t have much free time to keep up with emerging developments. Not knowing about the current trends will lead these full-stack developers to not know about the modern technologies useful for your product. It is excellent or essential for developers to know useful trends to build on cutting-edge technologies and requires frequent updating.

Tracking Projects is Challenging.

A full stack developer is a sole developer that handles every project requirement from start to end. If you hire a full-stack developer for your team, there is no task distribution. Full-stack developers tackle the entire project rather than just a few small jobs. It makes it challenging for businesses to monitor your work progress after they begin working on your project.

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Average Service

Many people think that hiring a full-stack developer will offer them great out-of-the-box productivity. However, you must consider that full-stack developers typically lack specialized knowledge in a specific language due to their extensive knowledge base. Comprehensive knowledge will not be helpful for your project in many cases as the full stack developer might not be able to help anytime your project requires thorough expertise in a particular subject. They can offer service, but not the top-notch service you would anticipate for the advancement of your project.

These pros and cons of full-stack developers will help you conclude between full-stack vs specialized developers.

Pros And Cons of Specialized Developer


Several essential pros and cons of a specialized developer require your attention. In this section, we have mentioned some core pros and cons of a specialized developer, which will help you carefully understand the full stack vs specialized developer difference.

1. Pros of Specialized Developers

●  High-Quality Work

It is recommended to hire specialized developers if you’re looking for high-quality work. The specialized developers provide a characteristic premium work as they are subject-matter experts in their fields. In general, their work in development is better than that of full-stack developers, which makes the difference between full-stack vs specialized developers more evident. Only specialized developers have well-versed and thoroughly professional knowledge in a particular domain to offer clients superior development results.

Knowledge of The Newest Trends and Technologies

Several companies get confused at first for full stack vs specialized developer hiring but end up hiring specialized developers because they are concentrated on a particular field and current with emerging trends and technology, raising the final output’s caliber. Having vast knowledge of new market trends and technologies is excellent for gaining unique output from development.

●  Easier Allocation of Tasks

Several businesses state that when they look to hire mean stack developers, it makes their allocation of responsibilities easier. It is simple to divide up tasks and responsibilities when using expert developers. The work can be broken up into tasks and given to developers with particular skills, which results in less confusion and more productivity.

Easy to Hire


Full stack vs specialized developer is more straightforward as several businesses employ full stack developers. Hire dedicated developers is simpler. The market has several specialized developments compared to full stack developers, allowing the business to assess them and choose the finest resource.

Note: Hiring a PWA development company is a great choice to get effective development results with unique, cutting-edge technology.

Cons of Specialised Developers

High Investment

It is essential to know that hiring specialized for different domains

will cost you more than a full-stack developer. The confusion between full-stack vs specialized developers always came in favor of full-stack developers when it differentiated based on hiring cost. The company’s overall investment is more significant because a full-stack developer can replace two or more specialized workers.

●  Increased Dependency

Hiring specialized developers always increases the dependency on team members. A specialist developer is more dependent on the other developer in a business. In certain circumstances, a developer cannot proceed with his assignment until the other one is finished.


The most crucial factor that arises as a drawback of hiring a specialized developer makes the full-stack vs specialized developer difference easier for you. It is necessary to guarantee coordination among the various project teams. It’s essential to understand the opposing team. It might be necessary to schedule meetings and conversations to help with coordination.

In A Nutshell!

Hopefully, the blog has served your information that helped me know about the full stack vs specialized developer. We understand how difficult it is to choose a suitable companion for your business. The blog has been written to avoid conflicts during the hiring process of hiring full-stack vs specialized developers. It is vital to keep this blog in mind if you’re looking for a custom web development service that can fulfill every parameter set by your business project requirement. The time has come when you should look to hire a web or android app development company that can offer you effective results to build your desired web app development.

No, we’re not done yet! You must know that our team has skilled and experienced developers who will help you evaluate your business goals to ensure you’re ahead of market competition. Get in touch with us now and hire the best software development company you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer typically costs between $61 and $80 per hour; however, you must know that hiring a specialized developer will still be cost-effective as with that, you don’t have to pay for a full team of dedicated developers.

What Is the Price of Hiring a Specialized Developer?

As it’s true that hiring a specialized developer is more cost-effective than a full-stack developer. Moreover, it is vital to know that an experienced developer typically costs between $40 and $57 per hour. Although employing a specialized developer is less expensive, doing so would require you to engage an entire team to complete a web development service.

Can I Hire a Full Remote Stack Or Specialized Developer?

It is the most asked question by many. Let’s discuss this now. Yes, numerous IT firms offer both full-stack developers and developers with specific expertise for hiring hourly, weekly, and monthly. If you want to hire a small full stack or specialized developer, you can also outsource your desired web development service.