React Native is one of the popular frameworks, used for developing high-quality and user-friendly native mobile apps for web, Android, and iOS devices. Launched by Facebook, React Native is a leading JavaScript framework for mobile app development.

Nowadays, developers have two options:

  • Design a mobile app that caters to all the requirements of their target audience
  • Create apps that can develop faster and operate on different Operating Systems

Do you know why most of the app development companies prefer the React Native framework to design a mobile app? Despite being new to the app development industry, React Native allows developers to build a simple to complex mobile app accurately. Android and iOS have different coding requirements. For businesses that want to target a wider audience, the development of both android and iOS mobile app is essential.
React Native speeds up the process of app development.

Being a cross-platform app, React Native allows developers to re-use the same app-building code across all platforms. Now, you no longer need to hire different development teams to execute the coding and development process. All you got to do is hire React Native developers and have both versions of mobile apps developed by one team.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 mobile apps that are built with React Native framework.

  1. Facebook
  2. Walmart
  3. Bloomberg
  4. Instagram
  6. Wix
  7. Gyroscope
  8. Myntra
  9. UberEats
  10. Tesla

1. Facebook

React Native was the result of the hackathon project of Facebook. The main goal of the Facebook team was to make the mobile app development process as simple and smooth as web development.

The company wanted to launch a framework that can build native apps with quick iterations. That is when the Facebook group released React Native in the mobile app development world.

Initially, Facebook released React Native for iOS platforms. Considering the increasing demand for this framework, the company launched React Native for Android as well.


Facebook not only launched React Native but used the framework for designing the Ads Manager app for both Android and iOS devices. Surprisingly, both versions of the Ads Manager app were designed and coded by the same app development team.

Facebook Ad was the first app built using the React Native platform. Moreover, it was the first cross-platform and React Native application of Facebook.

2. Walmart

Another famous company that embraced the React Native framework for the mobile app development process was Walmart. After the launch of Node.js, Walmart decided to re-create their mobile app with React Native. Walmart discovered that this open-source framework improved the overall performance of their app.

The company was able to release the app for iOS and Android users. Both versions of the application were built with limited resources and in a short span. According to Walmart, 96% of codes used for the development were the same for Android and iOS platforms.

Walmart is one of the leading retail store companies. The company used the React Native platform to build mobile apps that could fit the customer’s requirements and provide the end-users with a wonderful experience.

3. Bloomberg

Bloomberg mobile app covers finance and business-related news. Using Bloomberg, customers can receive real-time insight into the current financial and business sectors across the world.

Bloomberg’s latest mobile app for Android and iOS users provides a convenient and secure experience. With the mobile application, customers can access customized videos, pictures, and live news.


To provide the users with a seamless experience, Bloomberg used the React Native framework to develop a professional yet user-friendly mobile app for different devices.

This cross-platform framework resulted in the development of a native mobile app. For Bloomberg, React Native saved the developer’s time and efforts by allowing them to re-use the codes for developing mobile and web apps.

4. Instagram

Instagram decided to re-create their mobile app using the React Native framework. Instagram is a popular social networking platform that has 800 million+ active users account. The mobile app loads faster and allow users to share posts, update stories, follow people, watch trending videos and photos, explore feed, and engage with their favorite brands.

The app development team of Instagram faced quite a few challenges in designing the application initially. But as they adopt the React Native framework, they could reuse approx 99% of the codes on Android and iOS apps.


It wouldn’t be possible for Instagram to develop the apps and release both versions in a short span if the company chose native solutions.

Currently, the Instagram mobile app is used by millions of people across the globe. The developer team of the company keeps on updating the app with new features. Fortunately, the adoption of React Native helped Instagram to accelerate the development process and improve the user’s experience.


With the increasing online shopping demand, customers expect their favorite brands and restaurants to deliver their ordered products quickly. As the name implies, is one such mobile application that allows people to order products from their favorite restaurant, grocery stores, toy or gift shops, electronics, and more.

The company has helped small retail stores, brands, and customers shop to grow. Moreover, it helps customers to explore the nearby shops and order the best products. is used by millions of customers, who explore the local stores. Every day, millions of orders for different items are placed through

The headquarters of the company is located in New York. used the React Native framework to develop the company’s official mobile app, which runs smoothly on both modern and older devices.

6. Wix

Launched in 2006, Wix offers the best web designing and web hosting services to webmasters. Wix allows users to develop their own web applications to promote their brand to a wider audience.

The web design and hosting service providers decided to take their website to the mCommerce market by launching a perfect mobile application for both Android and iOS versions. Wix used the React Native framework to speed up the app development process.

7. Gyroscope

Gyroscope is a fitness-based mobile app that helps users in achieving their fitness goals. The mobile app is capable of monitoring your daily activities, work out, breathing, meditation, heart rate, weight gain, and weight loss. The app tracks the information and prepares daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Not only does the app allow users to monitor their heartbeat and health status, but Gyroscope enables users to track productivity. The users can view and interpret the data into two modes i.e. Simple and Cards mode.

Thanks to the React Native framework that allowed the Gyroscope development team to come up with a great and AI-driven mobile app.

8. Myntra

If you are a shopaholic, chances are you have already heard about Myntra. Myntra is one of the popular eCommerce platforms, especially known for offering a seamless shopping experience to the customers.

To offer a smoother shopping experience, Myntra came up with a perfect mobile application. Now, you can easily access the world’s favorite eCommerce platform on your smartphones.

The catalogs, product images, descriptions, and graphics in Myntra mobile app are super cool. The company decided to use React Native framework to create a perfect UI and UX for both Android and iOS versions.

As a result, the developers managed to design a comprehensive mobile app that served as the leading platform for shoppers.

9. UberEats

Even though only a small portion of the mobile app is covered by the open-source and cross-platform framework React Native, the app gives a wonderful experience to the foodies.

The app features clear-cut yet attractive graphics. As soon as you sign up with UberEats, you will come across some popular food restaurants and eateries that are worth trying. You can book your favorite food from any restaurant instantly.

uber eats

Every time there is a new offer such as a discount of coupons, the UberEats users are notified immediately. The React Native mobile app offers easy-to-use features. You can search for a particular restaurant and check the available food. You can place the order and add additional instructions.

10. Tesla

Tesla, one of the world’s renowned electric car producing companies, chose the React Native mobile app development to take Tesla to the mCommerce market easily and quickly.

smartwatch with car

Tesla mobile app grabs the attention of automobile lovers with its unique and attractive UI and UX. The app development team at Tesla used the React Native platform to develop both iOS and Android mobile apps.

As a result, the company launched a mobile app that received positive reactions from their customers.


Considering the cost-effective and efficient nature of the React Native, it only makes sense for startups and large-scale companies to opt for Facebook’s open-source framework for mobile app development.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire mobile app developer and build the React native mobile app for Android and iOS users for your company. Surprise your customers with a flawless mobile app. Good Luck!