E-wallet is a sort of electronic card which is utilized for exchanges made online through a PC or a cell phone. Its utility is equivalent to a credit or check card.

An E-wallet should be connected with the person’s financial balance to make payments. E-wallet is a kind of prepaid record wherein a client can store his/her cash for any future online exchange.

Also, an E-wallet is ensured with a secret key. With the assistance of an E-wallet, one can make installments for staple goods, online buys, and flight tickets, among others.

The utility of E-wallet applications is really helpful and E-wallet app development has mostly two parts, programming, and data. The product part stores individual data and gives security and encryption of the information.

The data segment is a database of subtleties given by the client which incorporates their name, shipping address, installment strategy, add up to be paid, credit or check card subtleties, and so on.

One of the most popular is keenu E-wallet that has entire coverage over the billing and retail stores. Follow through the article to know more about keenu E-wallet app.

The utility of E-Wallet apps in the digitized era

You probably won’t know it, however the UAE as of now has a few mobile wallets for you to look over, and that rundown is going to get somewhat more.

With Apple declaring that Apple Pay will be accessible all over the nation before the year’s over, and the UAE Banks Federation (UBF) affirming that the Emirates Digital Wallet will land inside the following scarcely any months, individuals will have more options than any other time in recent memory.

Mobile wallets allude to the innovation being created by banks and different organizations to permit clients to pay for things with their smartphones.


The goal is to make shopping increasingly advantageous for buyers, while furnishing the banks with more information on individuals’ ways of managing money, and decreasing the danger of misrepresentation.

Keenu Ewallet can be set as a one shop stop that delivers end-to-end and comprehensive enterprise solutions in an electronic payment mode to all of its customers.

The services offered by this wallet are diverse in nature. It targets to facilitate the users with every monthly transaction right from individual customers to merchants and so on.

With wallet applications, the user can directly deposit the amount on making payments. They can even load money through their bank account whenever required.

Let us learn about keenu wallet

In the digital age, we do not come across an application regularly that can solve most of our shopping concerns in a jiffy. It is acceptable to say that carrying cash money is cumbersome and we all have silently prayed for any other method to make the transactions easier.

Fortunately, in our busy lives, we have got keenu wallet on our side. we can easily find the application in our Play store and it is more like a physical wallet but on our smartphone.

You can easily download the application from the Play Store and sign up by entering the required details. Once a secure transaction is made into this secure wallet one can authenticate this wallet in the smartphone.

keenu ewallet app

We have somehow seen that most of the applications before signing up ask for a subscription fee and under any circumstances we would not appreciate that much d the money to get rewarded for the purchase.

The range of rewards includes some amazing discounts, exciting cashback, drool-worthy retail offers, online discounts all across the nation. If you are willing to go through the online shopping therapy right at the comfort of your house do not waste a second and download the application.

With quick installation and setup you can register your numbers and through any of the mentioned methods add money to the wallet

Technical aspects of keenu wallet

In the busy life schedules caring cash has become outdated. Hence it is always considered wise to make a way for keenu wallet as a free digital transaction application for the shopping enthusiasts of Pakistan.

Be it Android or iPhone device, this application can be installed easily and all you have to do is sign up with few details and add money any method in your wallet. And that’s it you are into the game.

You are ready to make purchases from your favorite outlets, retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, you can even book the cinema tickets or request the money from friends. Adding more to it, it also allows the users to pay bills from their home, P2P without worrying about carrying cash with them.

The most incredible part about this application is that it is completely safe and secure to use. and it is also loaded with a variety of rewards and gift options that pays you back once you make the transaction.

The user instantly gets the reward ranging from discounts, cashback, Ramadan Kareem offers BOGO offers, exciting tales and so on. The users can also enjoy cashback up to 40% from more than 100 retail outlets all across the nation.

So how does keenu e-wallet work?

In this segment, we will learn about creating an account on the application in detail. It is a step-by-step process followed by all the ewallet app developers.

Once the application is downloaded and installed in your device you have to sign up using the registered mobile number or CNIC. The money can be added to your keenu wallet in three possible ways.

  • Through Bank transfer
  • Credit card or debit card
  • Cash deposit

Through Bank transfer

Simply transfer through IBFT in which the amount mentioned from the corresponding account number will be transferred through an online banking account from any bank.

Major ones are Habib metro Bank, Soneri Bank,  SCB breeze, Bank Alfalah, Meezan Bank, allied Bank limited, Askari Bank, Faysal Bank, Easypaisa, same account and lot more.

Credit card or debit card

you can even use a credit card or debit card to fund the amount into your keenu wallet. Be it MasterCard, visa, union pay you can easily transfer the money just make sure the card is active for the purpose of online shopping

Cash deposit

If you are running out of both the ways and do not have an online bank account or any cards to add money into your wallet there is another way to get it done.

You can use cash money to deposit it to your nearest branch (which is mentioned in the application). Once it is done you can instantly deposit the money into your wallet.

Using the keenu digital wallet application you can easily shop from hundreds of online stores or any other retail platform. The application has covered all the stores and merchant platforms where you can easily go cashless in order to make the purchase.

you will be amazed to know that there is no need to even carry your mobile phone all you have to do is enter your register mobile number on the Keenu POS machine that is followed by the passcode and you are done with the transaction.

Some of the major store coverage of keenu includes- khadi, Junaid Jamshed, Agha Noor, KFC, Hobnob, Subway, puma, Cinnabon, Kolachi, Paramount, Jafferjees, Naheed superstore, Levi’s, makeup city, Tesco, 14th Street pizza, Cinepax, Shell select, Daraz, Mi, Mycart.pk, Well.pk, California pizza and many more.

Features of E-wallet Mobile Application

  1. Easy availability
  2. Easy to stack cash
  3. Scope of employments
  4. Split bill office
  5. Guarantees convenient installments
  6. Motivating forces and advancements
  7. Snappy exchange of assets

Easy availability

Utilizing a mobile wallet for everyday exchanges is extremely straightforward, in any case. Downloading the application and making a client ID and the secret key is all you have to do here. It is as basic as signing in to your Gmail or Facebook account from your cell phone.

Easy to stack cash

You can add cash to your wallet effectively by means of net banking, Visa or platinum card. Having the option to store these subtleties spares you from the problem of entering these subtleties each time you make an exchange and saves time.

Scope of employments

Beginning from charge installments for DTH, postpaid, information card and broadband to purchasing air, transport or train tickets, you can utilize e-wallet created by e-wallet app developers for an assortment of exchanges.

From paying at your nearby Kirana stores to paying for your utilities like gas, water, and power, the scope of mobile wallets has gone far and wide.

Split bill office

Having the option to part costs with companions is another large bit of leeway. Freecharge and Mobikwik clients can part their bills just by entering the sum and the number of individuals who are required to pay their offer. These wallets will naturally create a connection that you can send to individuals who owe you cash.

Guarantees convenient installments

You can likewise utilize the auto-pay office to make future bill installments naturally, from your wallet balance on a predestined date.

Motivating forces and advancements

Every wallet accompanies its own arrangement of incentives. E-wallets give a lot of cash sparing roads through limits, cashback, offers, and unconditional presents. You can profit the most extreme by experiencing their offer segment and utilizing promotion codes.

Snappy exchange of assets

Cash wallets have made sending and getting cash snappy and simple. What’s more, in addition, as of now, there are no exchange charges imposed for moving cash anyplace, any time, hence making it an increasingly best alternative.

As indicated by a review report, in the year 2016 32% of buyers utilized the advanced wallet as their favored mechanism of installment, while 78% of shoppers said that they know about the administration.

cta paypal

Mobile applications other than Keenu, like PayTM, RuPay, Bhim, and Jara have given better ground to individuals. E-wallet app development process should be tested at every stage to reduce the risk and failure.

Coordinating mobile wallets for online business applications had been for a long while, be that as it may, cash multi-utility mobile wallets have now become a need of the time. The need presently is to comprehend what precisely the clients are searching for.

Ventures that profit by mobile wallet application?

There is no doubt in the fact that mobile wallet applications are by and large connected with the financial segments since the trading of cash is included.

Be that as it may, these can likewise be utilized as a cash settlement application in different fields, for example,

  1. Retail
  2. Money related foundations
  3. Understanding the client prerequisites
  4. Online installment
  5. PoS Payments
  6. NFC labels
  7. iBeacons and Bluetooth installment
  8. QR codes
  9. Mobile installments and wearables


In the retail part, it tends to be either utilized for m-Commerce shops or as an expansion to a current mobile application. Wallet applications in the retail part help the clients to store crucial data about their deals. It additionally causes them to pick up profits by payments by means of loyalty cards, prizes, and coupons.

Money related foundations

These foundations give clients numerous perks, for example, check cards, charge cards, and outfit clients with organizations. Coordinations, transportation, tech ventures, and media transmission organizations. These organizations are significant players in the money related section.

Understanding the client prerequisites

Before beginning the e-payment application improvement process with the help of the cross-platform app development, it is significant that you comprehend the client base and the computerized installment application showcase.

There are various types of mobile wallets, you have to comprehend which will accommodate your motivation. The rundown of online installment strategies basically include:

Online installment

This is the most well-known strategy for installment in which a client makes the installment through charge, Mastercard, and net banking. This technique includes advanced installments to the vendor with the assistance of an installment door.

PoS Payments

POS framework or a retail location framework is utilized to portray a framework that incorporates different segments, for example, equipment, programming, investigation, stock administration, representative administration, and detailing.

It comprises a PC that works on a POS programming, standardized tag scanner, charge card peruser, receipt printer, and an on-location server.

NFC labels

NFC labels are latent gadgets which imply that it needn’t bother with any force supply to work. Additionally, it can act only when it interacts with one active gadget.

The best part about these labels is that they can’t do any preparation of their own, fairly they are simply used to move information to a functioning gadget. How about we view its capacities in detail.

  • Sweep and Read
  • Compose and Edit
  • Scan and Pay
  • Distributed cash move (P2P payment)

Sweep and Read

NFC labels can be utilized to move data. You simply need to put the NFC card or tag on the rear of your phone and all the data will get brought and showed on your device.

Compose and Edit

Aside from filtering and perusing the data you can likewise compose and alter a message. For that, you need to examine the NFC tag by putting it on the rear of your gadget.

When you do it, all the data will be shown and you can roll out fundamental improvements in it. This technical advancement has been made possible by the cross-platform app development

Scan and Pay

NFC framework is not only for a survey and altering data. You can likewise make installments by utilizing this innovation. Put your credit cards on the back of the phone. When you place your card there, all the card’s subtleties will get got and the installment will be made.

Peerbits has built up an Android application Flash tag which depends on NFC innovation. It’s primarily utilized for moving and accepting assets by means of NFC innovation. In addition, it’s likewise used to recover extra data.

Distributed cash move (P2P payment)

In P2P installments computerized cash is moved to start with one individual then onto the next by means of an intermediary, which is known as P2P installment application.

This kind of installment can be gotten through PC and cell phones by means of the web. It gives a simple option in contrast to conventional payment methods.

iBeacons and Bluetooth installment

iBeacon is Apple’s rendition of Bluetooth based reference point idea. This innovation permits you to communicate and get minute bits of information inside a short scope of separation. It’s utilized to improve the shopping experience, tracking goals, robotization, dependability projects, and study hall programs.

QR codes

A QR code is just a two-dimensional square-formed scanner tag that has encoded information put away in it. Ordinarily, the information is connected to a site.

QR codes are mostly utilized for promoting reason, be that as it may, it’s different applications incorporate email list division, social sharing, print media following, and associating block and concrete. QR code feature is the important one to consider while wallets Mobile application development.

Mobile installments and wearables

The developing number of wearables is including highlights like contactless payments with wearable applications. Out of the previously mentioned three, the Point of offer mechanical arrangements is considered as a significant worry, as it is nearly hard to assemble.

There are various payment entryways accessible to incorporate into a mobile wallet to enable a client to stack and send cash to and from his wallet with the assistance of his credit or check card. Stripe and Braintree are right now the most celebrated installment doors in the market.

Additionally, people looking for mobile app development company Dubai over the internet can now get the best developer to develop their own mobile wallets.

Key components to remember while creating a mobile wallet application like Keenu

  1. Capacity organizing
  2.  Security
  3. Remember to incorporate the advanced receipt
  4. Prize Points are a reward
  5. Keep them locked in
  6. Choosing a development accomplice

Capacity organizing

A mobile wallet application is fundamentally an assortment of various capacities and highlights. You should be cautious while incorporating these capacities and highlights, as they’ll be in the long run making your computerized payment application effective.

Do intensive statistical surveying, learn client desires, requests, and the market pattern winning before you assemble a mobile wallet application.


Your computerized wallet must be effective if the clients can depend on its security structure. The e-wallets expect clients to store their card data or enter their passwords.

It is your essential duty to guarantee their information security by utilizing cutting edge innovation strategies. Notwithstanding standard wellbeing and security components, you have to incorporate innovations that are difficult to decode.

Remember to incorporate the advanced receipt

After each exchange performed by clients, they have to have an affirmation about the achievement or disappointment of it. This is the place the requirement for a computerized receipt emerges.

Independent of the sum they executed, it is significant that they get a digital receipt of their exchange. These digital receipts can be sent through email to the individual client’s enrolled email address.

Prize Points are a reward

Individuals like getting rewards. On the off chance that you are eager to make your computerized payment application continue for a more drawn out time.

You have to remember that they can check their prize points at whatever time they need, and can reclaim them in better ways. Now, you’ll have to comprehend your intended interest group, preferences, and dislikes.

Keep them locked in

Offer timely notices with your clients in regards to the new offers they have. Offer tweaked coupons and manage them to keep them occupied with your application.

It is regularly seen that clients desert an application after its first use. Keeping them told with the most recent offers and limits can help you in keeping them occupied with your computerized payment application.

Choosing a development accomplice

Mobile application development organizations can assist you with e-installment application advancement in a productive way. They are well more aware of the ongoing innovation improvements and inclines and can help you in building a superior arrangement.

Be that as it may, before concluding an improvement accomplice, you have to completely examine their profile, and check whether they have done comparative ventures previously or not. Learning these will assist you with accompanying a superior computerized payment arrangement.

Summing It Up

A digital wallet in your device makes it easy to transfer the money from your smartphone. All you require is a mobile number for the registration and then you can transfer the money from your account to the retail store. You can even make a cash deposit to the bank and you are good to go then.