The creation of apps for food delivery is one of the industries with the quickest growth rate worldwide. A persistent epidemic has resulted in an ever-expanding clientele for meal delivery, which is mostly responsible for this surge.

According to Business of Apps, there will be 111 million US users of meal delivery apps by 2020, and that figure will only grow. From 2021 to 2025, the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.89 percent, with a projected market volume of US$441,622 million.

Furthermore, data indicates that the number of people who buy meals online has nearly tripled over the last three years, rising from 364.8 million in 2017 to 625.9 million in 2020.

As a result of this extraordinary increase, businesses have started to invest in food ordering apps like the Entertainer. However, most of them are unaware of how to develop an app like the Entertainer. If you are one of them no need to worry. This blog will provide you with everything and everything you need to learn to create food ordering app like the Entertainer.


Quick Summary: Do you want to develop an app like the Entertainer? Developing an app for food delivery can be useful, but only if you follow the proper steps. This guide will help you learn how to develop your app from start to finish.


What is The Entertainer App– A Food Ordering?

The Entertainer App isn’t your typical app for ordering takeout. Although delivery may be available for some of the restaurants featured on the app, its primary purpose is not. Alternatively, The Entertainer is a budget-friendly app focusing on promotions on BOGO (buy one, get one free). It offers savings on activities in your city that cover various categories, not just meals. Consider it as a digital discount book for eateries, spas, activities, sights, and even lodging. If you want to develop an app like the Entertainer, hire the food delivery app development company UAE for a better outcome. 


The Entertainer’s New Membership Model

Offer-savvy enthusiasts can now try the Entertainer without having to commit to a yearlong subscription, thanks to a recent app update. Put otherwise, clients are free to take advantage of the offers anytime they like. The new model may be paid for in full or in installments, and it is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. The Entertainer app has become a popular choice among users in the United Arab Emirates due to its clear efforts towards creating a customized experience for the user. 


Why Should Entrepreneurs Invest In Food Ordering Development?

Entrepreneurs should think about investing in the food ordering app development solutions  for several strong reasons.


Develop An App Like the Entertainer


1. Time Savings for Consumers

A growing number of people are working remotely and need to get fast food without leaving their homes. By developing meal delivery app Like Toters, you are allowing people to meet their needs at a reasonable price.


2. Simple Ordering System

A meal delivery app startup would develop a smooth mobile application to establish a fast connection with the customer. For the customer, it is ideal when the order and delivery processes are straightforward.



3. Optimized ROI

This is a measure of the payback rate, or alternatively, the profitability of the investment. Due to the significant market share that food ordering applications generate, startups who create them can expect a better return on investment.


4. Increased Market Value

Growing a firm without gaining new customers and turning a profit is challenging. If you develop KFC UAE, the average check will increase in tandem with the introduction of new technologies, which will increase client acquisition and loyalty.


5. Growth of the Business

If you develop an app like the Entertainer, you may significantly boost development by putting new technologies to use. Businesses must take into account several factors while developing meat delivery apps in Middle East. An app will be more dependable and user-friendly the more functionality it offers.


Key Steps to Develop an App Like Entertainer

In the very competitive on-demand food delivery market, how to build a food delivery app like the Entertainer that appeals to the intended user base? The whole process of making a meal delivery app is shown below.


Develop An App Like the Entertainer


i. Concept & Target Audience:

  • Identify the niche to create a meal ordering app like the Entertainer. Will it concentrate on eateries similar to Entertainer or cover a wider variety of entertainment such as activities or events?
  • Clearly define who your target market is. Are you trying to attract families looking for cheap activities or young professionals looking for meal specials? Future decisions will be guided by an understanding of their preferences and needs.


ii. Feature Planning & Prioritization:

  • Expand upon the essential elements that were previously determined. To encourage recurring use, take into account extra features like user reviews and ratings, venue in-app navigation, or loyalty programs.
  • Hire a meal delivery app development services provider to Sort features according to importance to the user experience and business objectives. It’s important to have features like easy-to-use search and transparent deal presentation; social media integration may come later.


Build an App Like Absher


iii. Design & User Interface (UI):

  • To develop an app like the Entertainer, create a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing UI that prioritizes the user’s experience. Make it as easy and frictionless as possible to browse specials, find locations, and redeem offers.
  • With the help of a food ordering app development services provider, create a neat layout with obvious calls to action. Think about user journeys: according to their interests, how will consumers locate particular offers or identify new locations?


iv. App Development & Back-end Infrastructure:

  • To develop an app like the Entertainer, select between a cross-platform solution and native app development for iOS and Android. Think about the necessary technical know-how and reach.
  • Create a solid back-end framework to control user information, transactions, geolocation, and user-business communication. Scalability and security are critical.


v. Content Acquisition & Partnerships:

  • Establish alliances with companies that cater to your target market. Strike enticing BOGO offers and make sure that users can redeem their prizes easily.
  • It is essential to keep an accurate and well-maintained database of bargains. Consider offering businesses self-service solutions for listing management.


vi. Testing & Launch:

  • Hire the Entertainer app developer and make sure the software is thoroughly tested for security, performance, and usefulness on a variety of platforms and devices.
  • Create a launch plan that draws early adopters and generates publicity prior to the launch. Take into account targeted marketing strategies and app store optimization.


vii. Maintenance & Growth:

  • Always keep an eye on the functionality of the app, respond to user comments, and address issues. Update content frequently to include new offers and features.
  • To Create Talabat App or the Entertainer, utilize data analytics to comprehend user behavior and enhance the application for more interaction and retention. Investigate other revenue streams like targeted advertising or premium subscriptions.


Must-have Features To Develop an App Like Entertainer

As you know AI in food delivery industry has changed the way food apps work. Hence, our extensive research, has compiled a comprehensive list of features that help you to develop an app like the Entertainer:

  • Registration/Login
  • Personal profile
  • Determining the user’s location
  • Nearby offers
  • Mass Payment Gateways
  • Order management modules
  • Multilingual support
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Seller’s personal account
  • Multi-currency support


Develop An App Like the Entertainer



Users can establish an account, store preferences, and compile a history thanks to this.
Personal profile

Users can manage their saved destinations, wishlists, reviews, and account information in a profile page.

Determining the user’s location

Food delivery app like Smile UAE displaying pertinent local bargains and entertainment options.
Nearby offers

This essential function lets customers look through special offers and discounts on local entertainment options.

Mass Payment Gateways

Create an app like the Entertainer that handle a variety of payment methods securely when customers purchase entertainment packages.
Several gateways for payments

Offering a selection of payment alternatives would improve convenience and appeal to a larger clientele.

Multi-currency support

This enables users of your app who are from other countries to view prices and make payments in the currency of their choice.
Seller’s personal account

Build ALBAIK App thatenables business to monitor sales, maintain their listings, and possibly even get in touch with clients.

Order management modules

Develop an app like the Entertainer that Simplify order processing for companies using the app to list deals.
multilingual assistance

By doing this, you may reach users who speak other languages. 


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like the Entertainer?

The the cost to to develop an app like Jahez or Entertainer depends on several factors. A basic app might cost $8000 to $20000, while a more advanced app with plenty of features could cost $27000 or more.  


Cost to Develop An App Like Entertainer


Food Ordering App Development

Estimated Cost  Time Frame 
Simple Food Ordering App  Development $8000 – $13000

3 to 6 Months 

Medium-Complex Food Ordering App Development $13000 – $21000 6 to 9 Months 

High-Complex Food Ordering App Development


10+ Months 


Revenue Channels For Online Food Delivery Platforms

Potential money sources are one of the most crucial things to consider before launching a food delivery app like the Entertainer. As an entrepreneur, you must establish effective revenue streams for your food delivery service. The administrator of the meal delivery platform has four main options for generating revenue:


1. Commission From  Restaurants

Every order placed through the platform is subject to a commission percentage set by the admin. The admin receives the customer’s money. After deducting the commission, the administrator credits the money to the restaurant’s wallet.


2. On-site Restaurant Promotions

According to the mobile app development company, it’s one of the best ways to generate revenue from the Entertainer app for food delivery.The administrator has the authority to impose additional costs on registered merchants that wish to use the platform for on-site advertisements or promotions to advertise their eateries.


3. Subscription model for the merchants

The administrator can create several corporate and individual subscription plans to allow merchants to list their eateries on the network. A merchant can select the subscription package that best suits their needs when they register for an account on the Entertainer app for food ordering.


4. Third-Party Advertisements

Running third-party adverts on the platform and mobile app is another efficient approach for the admin to make money from the on demand delivery app like Mrsool. For the third party to display their advertisements on the meal delivery platform, the administrator may charge.


5. Delivery Fee

The orders whose delivery is overseen by the administrator may also bring in extra money. The platform owner may require customers to pay a delivery fee. The administrator sets the delivery fee; thus, he or she has the authority to impose additional fees to make money.


Tech-stack Used In Building App Like the Entertainer


Component Technologies
Frontend React Native, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin
Backend Node.js, Python (Django/Flask), Java (Spring Boot)
Database SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase
API Integration RESTful APIs, GraphQL, SOAP
Authentication OAuth, JWT
Push Notifications Firebase Cloud Messaging, Apple Push Notification Service
Analytics Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics
Version Control Git, GitHub, Bitbucket
Deployment Google Play Store, Apple App Store, TestFlight, Firebase App Distribution


Wrapping Up!

Do you want to create your iOS or Android app for the Entertainer? We know how difficult it can be to assemble the ideal people to realize your vision. When it comes to develop app like the Entertainer, businesses find it a daunting task. However, you need not worry—we have you covered!

Dev Technosys understands that your app must be unique and customized. We have the right skills and technology to do that. Our mobile app development company focuses on providing top-notch on-demand food delivery and ewallet app development services. We’ll help you fulfill your vision.


Develop An App Like the Entertainer


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Will It Cost to Develop the Entertainer?

The Entertainer app development cost be anywhere between $8,000 and $27,000. Additional variables that may affect this price include the development team, functionality, and app design.


2. How Long Does It Take To Develop an App Like the Entertainer?

Depending on the complexity of the features, the platform (iOS, Android, or both), and the development team’s experience, the time to develop an app like OpenTable or the Entertainer can  take three to twelve months.


3. How Does the Entertainer App Work?

  • The whole food delivery app system operates as follows:
  • The customer used a meal delivery app to place an order.
  • The eatery confirms receiving an order.
  • The order is picked up and delivered to the restaurant by the closest courier.
  • The customer’s order is delivered by the courier.


4. Which Technology Stack Is Suitable For A Food Delivery App?

  • Front-end: React Native, Flutter, or native development (iOS: Swift, Android: Kotlin/Java).
  • Back-end: Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, or Laravel.
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
  • Cloud Storage: AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.
  • Payment Integration: Stripe, PayPal, or other relevant APIs.