“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela


Are you looking to build an app like ABC World? If yes, then you have reached the correct place. Children’s learning apps are now an integral part of the digital ecosystem. They have revolutionized the way kids learn, interact and grow.

These apps combine modern technology and the thrill of gaming for an immersive, engaging experience. ABC World has redefined the learning process for children and set new standards in educational apps.

However, it takes technical expertise, a thorough understanding of educational theories and child development to create a successful kids’ app. Thus, this blog will examine the market for kids’ learning applications, key features of successful apps, and what it takes to develop your own app like ABC world.

So let’s begin.


What is an Education App Like ABC World?

ABC World is an educational app that provides a comprehensive learning experience. The app offers many features including games, videos and quizzes that are age-appropriate. It also includes activities and worksheets to help teach basic concepts such as letters, numbers, colors, shapes and shapes. These apps use engaging animations and vibrant graphics to increase retention and engagement.

An on demand app development like ABC World can include features that track progress for parents and educators. This allows them to keep tabs on a child’s educational journey. These apps are often developed in accordance with educational standards, and they include input from child development or education experts to ensure that the foundational skills of young learners are taught effectively.


Why Are Education Apps Gaining Popularity?

Mobile phones have become an indispensable element of modern life. Nowadays, building e-learning or education apps is beneficial to kids. In the present situation, schools, colleges and other educational institutions are choosing online education portals and applications to reach their students and simplify teaching and learning.

Education app development is beneficial to the business and startups. Statista estimates that the revenue from online education in the USA will reach US$74.80 Billion in 2023.


Source: Statista
  • Duolingo, the top language-learning mobile app in February 2023, generated roughly 18,4 million U.S. Dollars through in-app purchases. Babbel was ranked second with over 4.8 millions U.S. Dollars generated by the mobile app.
  • In the first half year of 2023, users of global education apps generated an additional 1.2 percent of downloads than in the same half-year of 2022.
  • Estimates show that the education apps market will grow at a rate of 28,61% CAGR between 2022-2027. e-learning market size is expected to grow by USD 124.782.56 millions.
  • ClassDojo claims to have the most active users with over 50,000,000 parent and teacher accounts.
  • HolonIQ’s report states that EdTech will grow by 2.5x from 2019 to 2025.


How Does an Education App Like ABC World Work? 

ABC World is a fun, engaging education app for all ages. Users may readily access instructional information thanks to the app’s user-friendly layout. They are presented with a home page that includes categories like Math, Science and Language. Users can start learning by selecting a category. In each category there are interactive games, quizzes and lessons that cater to different levels of skill.

As users complete quizzes and lessons, they can track their progress. The application also provides customized recommendations depending on the user’s learning preferences. ABC World encourages social interaction by allowing users the opportunity to join study groups or compete against friends.

This is a flexible and accessible tool that enhances education, fosters curiosity and makes learning enjoyable for everyone.


How to Build an Education App Like ABC World?


App Like ABC World


As per hybrid app development services provider, below are the step-by-step process to build an education app like ABC world. So let’s have a look at the development steps:


Step 1 Decide on What are You Planning to Offer:

Even in the education field, there is a lot more to discover. Why? There are so many different sorts of educational apps and concepts that it will be tough for everyone to explore them all.

Once you have decided what you are going to offer in your app, you will be able to decide on the features and functionalities you need. This is the way to create a successful educational app. Identifying your target audience is also important, as the features and look of your app should appeal to your users.


Step 2 Conduct Market Research:

When you are an entrepreneur and invest a great deal in something, you don’t want to risk it. It is therefore recommended that you do market research before developing an educational application.

There is one more thing you must do to ensure the success of your app concept. This is your app’s SWOT Analysis. After these two stages of the android or iOS app development process, it will be possible to choose the features you wish to include in your mobile education application.


Step 3 Integrate Essential Features:

You can identify features by knowing what you want to offer your students. You can also check out the most popular comment sections of educational apps for students on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

In the comments section, apps like ABC World users usually share their expectations and feedback about the app’s functionality. You may design a poll to ask prospective clients which aspects they like most.


App Like ABC World


Step 4 Determine the App Development Platform:

You have decided to build your app for Android or iOS. Do you prefer cross-platform development – i.e. building an app that works on multiple platforms – or do you need to build a single application?

The right platform is crucial to the success of your online education app. Google’s Android currently has around 2 billion users.

Apple’s iOS is the preferred operating system for smartphones in the USA. Although Android has a larger user base than other platforms, iOS accounts for more than half the US market share.

You may want to create your app for both iOS and Android. You can also choose to develop a mobile app that is cross-platform. If you’re still unsure, you could hire an education app development company that offers educational app development.


Step 5 Hire Mobile App Development Company:

You need to hire a professional mobile application development services provider that develops educational apps after you’ve decided on all the factors. This is the most important phase of app development.

As an entrepreneur, it is unlikely that you will want to compromise on the quality of your educational app by choosing an amateur developer or company with no experience in developing mobile apps.


Step 6 Launch and Market Your App :

Release notes and a status report on the testing will be included in the documentation to accompany the eLearning application created after the testing process. DevOps specialist on the team is responsible for launching both the iOS and Android play stores.


Essential Features to Build an Education App like ABC World


App Like ABC World


Features are the most essential part of app development. So let’s have a look at the features of the ABC world app that you must integrate in your own education app.


i. User Registration:

With these tools, you can keep track of all your accomplishments. You can keep track of your progress, forthcoming chores, and so on.


ii. Kids-friendly User Interface:

It is important to keep kids interested in learning by creating an interface that is visually appealing and simple to navigate. Keep it simple with large buttons and a straightforward navigation. Also, make sure that the calls to action are clear. Use bright colors and designs that are intuitive for young users.


iii. Engaging Content:

Make sure the educational content you use is engaging, age-appropriate and relevant. Combine dynamically explained concepts and visual elements such as images, videos and animations in order to grab your audience’s interest and increase knowledge retention.


iv. Customizable Learning Paths:

You can create personalized learning paths to suit different learning styles. Children may study at their own speed and have a personalized educational experience. So if you are planning to build an app like ABC world, then you must definitely add these keywords in it with the help of an educational app development services provider.


v. Parental Controls and Monitoring:

Parents should be able to control and monitor their child’s educational experience. Include features such as usage reports, app blockade, time management and content filtering that will help parents remain involved in their children’s education.


vi. Feedback and Support:

Create channels for support and feedback, giving users the opportunity to express their concerns and opinions. Listen to user feedback and improve your app.


vii. Voice Recognition:

Voice recognition technology may be used to provide youngsters feedback on their pronunciation.


viii. Interactive Stories:

Stories that are interactive and engaging, which allow children to participate actively in the story and develop their creativity and imagination.


ix. Offline Activities:

Printouts of worksheets and coloring sheets that you can access and complete offline. This provides additional resources to complement the app.


x. Regular Content Updates:

Addition of new information, activities, and games on a regular basis to keep the app fresh and give continuous educational opportunities.


App Like ABC World


Advanced Features of an Education App Like ABC World

Now that you have learned about the key features of an app like ABC world for E-learning app development, we will now check out the advanced features which you must integrate.


#1. Social Media Integration:

Students who excel in school want to share their success with their closest friends and family members. Social media integration is an excellent way to share information in this situation. Through progress sharing, a person can see that their colleagues are doing a better job. It can increase motivation for achieving better results.


#2. Push Notifications:

Teachers can use this function to communicate with their students and provide all the information they need about upcoming events. This is a great reminder for kids who are behind in their schoolwork.


#3. Live Tutorials and Sessions:

Apps must include online sessions to help students improve their skills. The teacher must be able to answer all questions, provide instructions, etc. after the topic has been completed. So if you want to integrate this feature in your app, then you must hire dedicated developers


#4. AI Implementation:

AI algorithms make it possible to create solutions that help learners improve their speech, or solve math equations by taking pictures of the equations. It can be used to streamline the learning process and improve recommendations.


#5. Offline Mode:

Sometimes, learners might not have an internet connection. The offline mode was created specifically for this use. You can also determine how useful and effective your app is by looking at the number of modules downloaded.


#6. Gamification:

Gamification can help you attract as many customers as possible. It makes learning fun and easy. According to recent research, material assimilation via games is significantly higher than that of learning through books.


Top 5 Well-Known Education Apps


Education Apps  Available Platform  Ratings  Downloads 
Duolingo Android | iOS 100M+ 4.7
Mathway Android | iOS 100M+ 4.5
Google Classroom Android | iOS 100M+ 2.4
Brainly Android | iOS 100M+ 4.3
Kahoot Android | iOS  50M+ 4.7


1. Duolingo

Duolingo, a popular app for language learning, offers courses in more than 30 languages. Gamification is used to engage learners with reading, writing and listening skills. Duolingo offers a free version and optional premium features for intermediate and advanced learners.


2. Mathway

Mathway is an app and website for solving math problems. It helps users with a variety of equations ranging from simple arithmetic up to calculus. This educational apps for kids is a useful tool for both students and professionals. Users enter their equations and Mathway will provide step-by-step answers.


3. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an educational platform created by Google for instructors and students. It simplifies creating, distributing and grading online assignments. Teachers can create digital classes, share resources and interact with their students. Google Classroom is integrated seamlessly with Google’s other services to enhance the overall educational experience.


4. Brainly

Brainly is an online collaborative platform that allows students to ask questions, receive answers and assist others with their academic problems. This is the best educational apps for kids and promotes a community-based learning environment and encourages peer-to-peer interaction.


5. Kahoot

Kahoot, an interactive quiz platform and learning game designed for classroom and remote learning, is a fun and engaging way to engage students. Teachers can create games, quizzes and surveys to engage their students in an educational and fun way, encouraging active participation.


Cost to Build an Education App Like ABC World

Costs of education apps are difficult to estimate. The ABC World app development cost on demand depends on a number of factors. App features consume the majority of development time and costs. The MVP stage usually costs between $5,000 and $10,000.

The total cost to build an educational app could range between $10,000 and $25000. Minimum viable products, or MVPs, are educational software with fewer features that costs less than apps with all of the desired features.

The following factors also affect the final Education App Development cost, apart from the features and the tech stack:

  • App Complexity
  • App Design
  • Features and functionalities
  • App Platforms
  • App Maintenance
  • Testing & deployment

To know the exact cost estimation of an app like ABC world, then it would be better to consult with a reputed On-Demand E-learning App Development Company.


App Like ABC World


Final Thoughts

It is not easy to create a popular kids’ app such as ABCmouse, but it can be rewarding. Understanding the market is key, as well as designing an interface that’s easy to use and providing engaging content, while maintaining a balance between monetization, user experience, and marketability.

There is a growing demand for game developers and mobile app companies to create apps for children. You can work with an iOS or Android app development services provider to create a robust ABC world app for your business if you are interested in building kids education games like ABC Kids.