Along with time, our technologies are also becoming advanced at a great pace.  Now it is safe to say that web and mobile application is the future of all the technologies and services. That is why most of the businesses in the market are making a considerable number of investments. To make their own custom web or mobile applications and ensure success in this competitive market. To know more about the AngularJS web development and how to hire them, please continue the blog.

When it comes to the development of a web or mobile application, there are many options available in the development market. And AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks among them.  It was first released in 2010 with the sole purpose of developing responsive single-page applications. That is why it gained so much popularity and now it is the 3rd most used development framework around the globe.

So, if you are starting any unique business in the market, then hiring an AngularJS developer can ensure your success. As they are capable enough to develop a highly responsive, dynamic and feature-packed web or mobile application according to the requirements and priorities of your business.

Is AngularJS Used For App Development?

The shortest form of answer is ‘yes. As the framework is made with TypeScript and is basically maintained by Google. And this makes it capable enough to build applications including mobile, desktop and web and native. Not only that the framework is also capable of developing internationalization, server-side rendering and much more. Here is detailed information on the development capabilities of the AngularJS framework.

1. Re-usable Components

In most of the frameworks are the components are responsible for hiding complex DOM structures and behaviors. But, if your use the AngularJS framework, your developer can re-use the components to make custom app solutions. And it also helps to create how the apps will look as well as their behavior. This increases the efficiency of the development process and provides you with promising results before the given time frame.

2. Deep Linking

Deep linking is basically available among the round-trip application. Its main work is to provide updates to the user on the basis of the present residing address. The deep linking feature becomes useful when the users have to bookmark any links or emails according to the locations.

So, if you choose frameworks like AJAX, this feature is absent. But if you choose AngularJS, you don’t have to worry about this feature as it is pre-loaded for desktop applications.

3. Server Communications

Hiring the best Fullstack development company for developing your application in the AngularJS framework, can ensure efficient server communications.  As the built-in services over XHL and the integration of third-party libraries helps the clients to modify their servers as per their requirement.

4. Testing

One of the few reasons for creating this framework is testing. The AngularJS can collaborate with Jasmine Framework, which makes it capable to run enhanced tests on the developed applications. Plus, the developer is also allowed to use Karma as a task runner for your developed web or mobile applications. Basically, the end-to-end testing can help to avoid any kind of bug and glitch present in the software.

5. Forms and Validations

Better client-side validation means a better user experience of the users. That is why the AngularJS framework allows the developers to implement validations rules on the forms by writing a lesser number of codes. This is possible because the framework provides a better experience to build custom forms on HTML.

6. Internationalizations

It is the process, which will help you to make your app available for the international audience. Internationalization is done through a unique pipeline process along with a display of currency in local format. So, if you choose the AngularJS mobile app development, then this feature is built-in in the framework.

7. Dependency Injections (DI)

The dependence injection is the forms the core AngularJS. With the help of this feature any class associated with the development process receiver’s dependent form other classes. This can be implemented effectively by using better and efficient codes during the development process.

Why Hire an AngularJS Developer?

Hiring an Angular developer can help you create a responsive web or mobile application for your business. That is why they are famous for developing client-centric applications for any type of business. Still, wondering why you should hire AngularJS developers?

Here are some of the reasons that will solve your dilemma,

1. Interactive User Interface

The interactive user interface is one of the crucial factors to ensure better user involvement time. And these developers are capable enough to do that. According to some research it has been seen that more than 40 percent of the software developers are currently using AngularJS for UI developments.

AngularJS framework offers the next level of freedom when it comes to UI. The developers can custom create all the UI components as per the requirement of the clients. It also allows the developers to create or modify UI on the basis of the present market trends. The better the UI you implement in your business application, the more will be your user base of the applications.

2. Easy to Use The Framework

The code used during the development process of any application is easy to learn and use. Plus, the number of codes required to fulfil any functions is much less than that of the other development frameworks. This is possible because of the presence of MVC architecture.

Basically, it allows the developers to re-use the codes and boost the productivity and efficiency of the development process. Moreover, the data are the binding process of this architecture to ensure the stability of the software.

The AngularJS framework also uses HTML, as an extension. As a result, developers get the opportunity to create feature-rich and complex applications, in order to satisfy their clients. And make this framework popular for creating client-centric web or mobile apps in the market.

3. Better Community Support

The AngularJS framework is mainly powered by Google, and for that, it basically gets maximized support from the Google community. We all know that Google is one of the largest development communities, and have excellent and experienced developers associated with it. The primary aim of the Google community is to provide quick and effective development solutions in a lesser time span.

That is why even if you choose a less experienced AngularJS developer. They will get excellent assistance from the framework community. And provide you with the best development outcomes for your complex business application.

4. Two-way Data Binding

This is another important reason to hire an AngularJS developer and opt for this framework for the development process. The two-way binding process of the framework helps the developers to maintain the stability of the applications.

Sometimes the developers use high-end graphical content and function on the UI of the applications to attract more users. But usually, they end up by lagging the application. This might hamper the reputation of your business as well as reduce the user base.

So, it is better to use simple and necessary features and functions, without compromising the performance of the applications.

5. Better Performance

Performance is one of the main reasons to attract users to your business applications. If you opt for the right AngularJS web development services, you can ensure both features along with enhanced performance. As a client, you can expect all of these, as the developers are allowed to organize various development aspects efficiently. Such as data binding, filters, validations of forms, directives and much more.

Other than this, the frameworks also allow CLI (Common Liner Interface) and IDE which helps in faster app-building. Basically, CLI provides faster attachment of the functional elements, whereas the IDE helps to track errors instantly.

6. Easy Implementation of MVC and MVVM Architecture

The main work of the MVC architecture is to divide the application into small parts, to achieve the end products easily. This helps the developers to complete each and every part of the software efficiently along with perfection. Apart from this the MVVM and MVC applications are very easy to implement during the development process.

Basically, an MVC architecture separates an app into 3 parts and that is data viewing, data handling and connection making. The developers try to work on the different parts effectively to provide a promising outcome to their clients.

7. Code Re-usability

This is also one of the main reasons you will choose AngularJS before any other framework. The framework allows the developers to re-use the codes instead of re-writing them for the same functions. This decease the time required during the development process but increase efficiency. As a result, choosing this development framework you can expect lesser time to market.

How To Hire an AngularJS Developer For your Business Web Development?

Hiring the best web app development company experienced in AngularJS can be very intimidating. As it includes extensive time and effort to maintain a proper screening process. Still, there are steps with which you might ensure the perfect AngularJS developer for your business app development,

  • First, you have to fix the goal that you want to achieve along with your user base. And according to that, you can set your requirements and priorities, to fulfill them.
  • After that, you have to conduct a thorough screening process and hire the best app developer available in the market.
  • Always make sure that they are experienced enough to provide you with unique and efficient development solutions.
  • Try to solve present real-time issues of the users. As every business gained its success by providing efficient solutions to user problems. Not by providing the same service as their competitors.
  • After that, you have to conduct a thorough testing procedure, to find all the glitches and bugs present in the software. And fix them before making your product available for the whole market.
  • A better app development services will always maintain 100 percent transparency with their clients. They will also create an ironclad NDA agreement and provide proper documents. So, that you can get legal copyrights on the application codes.
  • Once, the product is launched on the market ensure better customer assistance. As the only way to maintain your success and the user base, is to provide responsive assistance for any kind of issue.

What is The Cost to Hire Dedicated AngularJS Developers?

Basically, no one can suggest the exact cost required to hire a dedicated AngularJS developer. As it depends on various factors such as platform, locations, complexity and features implemented in the applications. That is why hiring the best custom web development company in the market can provide you with a better product at reasonable rates.

Usually, AngularJS developers charge from $10 to $150 depending on the complexity and the location. It also includes the experience and the skill set of the developers. You can outsource your development process to countries like India, where you can same products at lesser rates.

The average cost of hiring an Angular developer and creating your MVP for your business can be around $25,000. The value can go up to $150,000 in countries like USA and Canada.

All of these depends on the development agency and the quality of tools they are using during the development process.

There are many free and cheap development solutions available in the market, choosing those solutions might not be the best idea in the long run. So always find the app development service, that can provide feature-packed responsive products at reasonable rates.

Where Can I Find Angular Developers?

There are many portals where you can find the perfect Angular developer for your business application. This includes portals like LinkedIn, and much more. Try to provide a proper and detailed job description, so that you can run an effective screening process.  Hiring the perfect AngularJS development company will not only provide your better quality of the product. But also provide you with a better edge among the competitors to ensure success in the market.


The AngularJS framework is popular for developing high-performing, client-centric web or mobile applications. This is possible as the framework works on TypeScript and power by Google. It is also famous for developing applications with interactive UI and making the user spend considerable hours on the application. So if you have a unique idea of an app, then creating that through the AngularJS framework can ensure your success.