The mobile revolution is almost here. The specific patterns of mobile users tend to have major implications for your business. To start with, mobile has taken over the concept of computers to serve as the main medium for accessing the Internet. Did you know that apps are now known to account for around 89 percent of the mobile media time? The given statistic highlights the importance of Android app development for your business to remain competitive.

Mobile apps that we use now have gone beyond the concept of sales and customer interaction. Apps are playing a major role in meeting specific business goals while facilitating communication as well as coordination on the go. When you wish to have a strong app strategy for your business, it is important to hire services from the reliable Android app development companies or hire Android app developers.

The question arises, “how much does it cost to hire the Android app developers?” The answer would eventually depend on several factors. Some of the top factors to consider down the lane are:

Business Goals to Achieve:

The business goals that your company is looking forward to achieving plays a vital role in deciding the costs of the Android app development project. Based on the respective business goals, the Android app development company that you hire will decide how much simple or complex the given Android mobile-based app has to be.

The problems that the given app would be addressing for the users or the value that it will be adding to the organization will help in determining the capability as well as features needed in the app. Usually, the more features you wish to include in the app, the higher is going to be the cost impact.

App Integrations:

Another deciding factor to determine the cost of Android app development is whether the particular Android app is going to be a standalone app or it would require integrations. Moreover, the total extent of the mobile app integrations also plays a vital role in determining the end costs of the project.

The chances are that you might require the assistance of server-side app integrations such that the app can easily communicate within the database in which relevant data gets stored as well as shared. You might also require the app to be integrated with high-end backend applications including the Accounting, CRM, ERP, or HRM systems.

Range of Android Devices:

Different Android devices might have varying versions of the respective operating systems. Moreover, different Android devices might also feature different screen sizes.

When you hiring services from a reliable Android app development company, its team should ensure that the app remains compatible with most of the common screen sizes as well as versions that are available out there for use. Moreover, with varying requirements, the costs might also vary significantly.

The Frequency of Updates:

The cost of Android app development would also depend on how often the particular app of your business requires updates with respect to the addition of new content or advanced features in its functionality.

Security & Maintenance:

When you are hiring services from a professional Android app development company, it is recommended that you should aim at maintaining long-term relationships with the same. Even after the final Android app has been delivered, you should foster partner-like relationships with the company or mobile app developers.

There are several companies in the industry that maintain full-length support throughout the lifecycle of the app. As such, this helps in eliminating the costs of hiring developers on the respective payrolls in case there are some issues to be resolved or the app would require some small update.

Have you also regarded the risks involved in the case of losing sensitive data? When you are calculating the costs it would take to hire professional Android app developers, it is also recommended to consider the existing risks. You should go for choosing the on-demand app development company that is known to follow global standards towards ensuring the overall confidentiality, security, and privacy of the data of the users.

Branding Quality:

The quality as well as the extent of branding for your business as implemented by the mobile app is another vital factor to consider. The quality of branding as delivered by the mobile app will not only help in defining the existing visuals but will also enhance the process of maximizing the user experiences.

This is known to include the UX and UI related costs. As such, this might end up in adding up the over budget that might be needed for hiring the particular team of the Android app development company.

Types of Users:

While designing the Android app in the assistance of the experienced Android app developers out there, you are also required to consider the different types of users available on the app. You can come across different categories of users out there –each category having its own set of permissions or roles.

For instance, a particular employee might have permission to enter and view only his or her data, while the manager might possess the capability of viewing everyone’s data in the given database. Moreover, the senior manager in the organization might have the ability to assign multiple permissions to the respective team members in the organization.

The types of users are mostly determined by the respective processes of the company. Moreover, whether the particular mobile app is dedicated for a single department or if it is allowing collaboration with other departments in the organization –this factor would also determine the costs. The larger is the number of roles as well as permissions, the more complicated it becomes to deliver the mobile app development architecture. This would eventually increase the cost of the Android app development project.


While you might start over your mobility journey with Android app development, do not simply hire Android app developers without analyzing the costs of the project. This might translate into effective cost-savings for your organization. Hire dedicated developers for the best outcomes!