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Empower your dreams with one draw at a time. Develop a lottery app like Mahzooz and unlock winning opportunities for your business. Dev Technosys, a leading mobile app development company can help you with lottery app development.

Established in March 2021 by Emaar, a Dubai-based real estate developer, the Mahzooz app allow users to participate in daily and weekly draws for a chance. To participate in a lucky draw, users must register on the application, create an account and purchase a ticket for AED 30. So, if you want to build an application similar to Mahzooz Emirates loto app, Dev Technosys can help you accomplish your business dreams.

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Success Story: How Mahzooz App Earned Success?

Right after its launch (i.e., 2021), the Mahzooz app took over the shopping industry. It is one of the most-used lottery applications, with over 1 million registered users. The reason why Mahzooz earned tremendous popularity is that it offers a unique and engaging lottery format that is different from traditional lotteries. Its tickets are also very affordable, i.e., it begins at AED 1 and keeps growing with time.

Mahzooz app offers players the chance to win prizes, including a guaranteed AED 1 million jackpot every Saturday. What could be a better motivation to use an app like Mahzooz? Players can also win exciting prizes, such as cars, motorbikes, and luxury holidays. To play Mahzooz, players must purchase a ticket online for AED 30 or at any authorized retailer. From the day the Mahzooz app was launched, it has become one of the most popular lottery applications in the world.

In Feb 2020, Mahzooz partnered with Dubai Cares to support education in developing countries. Later, Mahzooz finally launched its first super draw in May 2020, with a top prize of around AED 50 million and its second super draw was launched in May 2021 (worth AED 100 million). As per the mobile app development company professionals, Mahzooz is a growing success in the UAE. The application is quickly becoming one of the most popular lottery applications in the world and offers players the chance to win big and give back to their community. So, you can take advantage of this opportunity and build a lottery app like Mahzooz.

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Build the Best Lottery App Like Mahzooz!

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How Does Mahzooz App Works?

The Mahzooz app is a lottery application that enables users to purchase tickets and win exciting prizes with a jackpot of AED 1 million every Saturday. The working mechanism of the Mahzooz UAE app is very simple and user-friendly. Here’s how the app works.

  • Account Creation

    Account Creation

    First, users create an account on the Mahzooz application and purchase tickets online. Users can also buy tickets from any Mahzooz authorized retailer.

  • Ticket Payment

    Ticket Payment

    Once the players get the numbers or buy tickets, they pay for them using their credit or debit card details. Mahzooz follows secure online payment to ensure privacy.

  • Select Numbers

    Select Numbers

    As soon as the users purchase tickets, they can choose their numbers. Besides this, users can also opt Quick Pick option for number generation.

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  • Number Draw Announced

    Number Draw Announced

    Every Saturday Mahzooz draw is announced at 9 pm in UAE. The winning numbers are further drawn live on the Mahzooz website and the application.

  • Prize Winning

    Prize Winning

    Once the numbers are announced, the players cross-check their numbers. If a player’s number matches the winning number, they get a prize.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Alerts & Notifications

    Users get timely notifications within an app like Mahzooz. Here, they get notified by the Mahzooz application owners about the tickets, numbers, offers, and more.

Mahzooz App Screenshots

Feel the rush of winning with an app like Mahzooz. Here are the screenshots (UX/UI) of lottery apps showcasing the appealing user interface of the lottery mobile app.

Key Features of Mahzooz App

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Popular Mahzooz App Alternatives

The Mahzooz app is one of the most popular lottery applications in the UAE. But this isn’t the only application gaining immense popularity. There are other alternatives too that are making noise in the market. Here are the best online lottery apps in UAE.

  • Emirates Loto

    Emirates Loto

  • Abu Dhabi Big Ticket

    Abu Dhabi Big Ticket

  • Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire

    Dubai Duty-Free Millennium Millionaire

  • Sharjah Charity International

    Sharjah Charity International

  • Dubai Sports City Lottery

    Dubai Sports City Lottery

How to Create An App Like Mahzooz?

Does the thought of “How to develop an app like Mahzooz?” trouble you? Don’t panic. Here, we have highlighted the step-by-step process to create Mahzooz app. Let’s discover the process one step at a time.

  • Define Project Scope

    Firstly, define a clear project scope and analysis to develop an app like Mahzooz. In the beginning, analyzing the scope and objectives will ensure smooth mobile app development.

  • 2

    Conduct Market Research

    Next, conduct strong market research and analysis to understand the ongoing market trends. It will also help you know about the Mahzooz app competitors.

  • UX/UI Designing

    An attractive application design can ease your job to grab users’ attention. So, plan a user-friendly UX/UI for your Mahzooz application.

  • MVP Creation

    Before launching a final version of the Mahzooz app, create an MVP. Doing so will help you know the app visuals, users' perspectives, and more to ensure app success.

  • Mahzooz App

    Once your MVP is approved and gets a green signal, go for Mahzooz mobile app development. Here, you can incorporate the data gathered in the previous stages.

  • Testing & Launch

    After successful app development, test and launch the Mahzooz application against all the errors. Launching an error-free app will result in assured business success.

  • App Support & Maintenance

    Finally, avail mobile app support and maintenance services to increase the worth and lifespan of your business application. Hire mobile app developers for the same.

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Unleash Your Winning Potential with An App Like Mahzooz!

Experience the thrill of winning with the Mahzooz app. Download now and unlock your chance to change your life!

Cost to Develop An App Like Mahzooz

Do you have a low budget and face difficulty creating an app like Mahzooz? We’ve got your back! At Dev Technosys, we have a very reasonable and affordable Mahzooz app development cost so that all-scale businesses can seek our services without worrying about the budget. The average cost to build the Mahzooz app is between $10,000 to $25,000, depending on the project requirements. So, discuss your Mahzooz app development requirements with us, and our mobile app development company professionals will help you deliver a feature-packed lottery app like Mahzooz within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about creating an app like Mahzooz?

  • What Is Mahzooz App?

    Mahzooz is a popular and the best online lottery app in the United Arab Emirates. The app offers an opportunity to participate in a weekly lottery draw and potentially win cash prizes. While using an app like Mahzooz, users can purchase lottery tickets, check draw results, and manage ticket purchases via mobile devices.

  • Why Should Businesses Develop An App Like Mahzooz?

    Lottery app like Mahzooz has their own set of perks for business. Some of the major business benefits of Mahzooz lottery app development are –

    • Customer Engagement & Retention
    • Increased Revenue
    • Brand Awareness
    • Cross-selling Opportunities
    • Data & Analytics
    • Enhanced Security
  • Why Choose Dev Technosys for Lottery App Development?

    Established in 2010, Dev Technosys is a well-known mobile and web development company in the UAE. With a pool of dedicated developers, designers, and testers, we have a perfect team to combat any business challenge like a pro. Trust us to build an app like Mahzooz; we will leave you satisfied with outstanding business applications.

  • What Is the Cost to Develop An App Like Mahzooz?

    The average cost of Mahzooz app development is around $10,000 to $25,000, depending on the project. Share your requirements with us and let our team tackle the rest of the mobile app development process.

  • How Will I Ensure Confidentiality While Seeking Mahzooz App Development Services?

    If you seek mobile app development services from a reputed firm like Dev Technosys, you can remain assured of confidentiality. Our team always signs NDA or non-disclosure agreements before working on any project. So, do not worry about your data security and privacy. Your data confidentiality is our foremost priority.