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Transform your online shopping experience with FirstCry—the all-in-one, expertly-built online shopping app. Check out the FirstCry app now to shop amazing clothes for your kids!

FirstCry is a popular online shopping app for kids and children in the UAE. It has more than 92 million users all over the world. It provides various products such as clothing, toys, diapers, and food for kids. It has a physical presence with over 400 stores across India and Dubai.

FirstCry is easy to use and has a wide selection of products. Additionally, customers can utilize the application to monitor the progress of their orders and receive information on deliveries.

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What is Firstcry Company? A Quick Look!

Success Story: How FirstCry App Has Gained Popularity?

The largest online retailer for baby and kid items in Asia was created in 2010, and its name is The brand promises over 200k distinct babies & kids things from 6000 manufacturers and provides a wide choice of items via its mobile application, firstcry online shopping site, and physical places. All this started when FirstCry's co-founder and owner, Supam, liked to purchase things for his child when traveling for work.

He became aware of the immense opportunities in the market for a digital platform that could offer parents exposure to the greatest baby care products all over the globe due to the situation. It was in this manner that Supam Maheshwari and Amitava Saha introduced FirstCry.

In the beginning, FirstCry UAE used an inventory-based strategy, simply transporting goods around the nation. Following a few years, FirstCry started including stores on the FirstCry online store, allowing local enterprises to market their interests there.

For parents who lived in major cities, FirstCry was an online platform that only devoted itself to toys. They began with only Pune before inviting their friends and relatives to check out their goods.

Over time, they grew to include tier-2 and tier-3 cities and villages and many more classifications. A logical next move was to release a mobile app, which accounts for almost 70% of all online purchases today. This is the reason why the FirstCry app has quickly become so popular.

Let’s now check out the key stats of FirstCry app:

  • During the fiscal year 2022, FirstCry generated approximately 24 billion Indian rupees in operating income.
  • With a market share of roughly 10%, FirstCry is India's second-largest online seller of baby and children's items.
  • Provide over 90,000 products from more than 1,200 companies.
  • Over 10 million users are registered users of FirstCry. Between the ages of 25 and 34, women make up the bulk of its clientele.
  • Customer satisfaction with FirstCry is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Want to Develop an App Like FirstCry?

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How Does FirstCry App Work?

Do you want to know how a FirstCry app operates? With the FirstCry online app, experience a shopping delight. Its intuitive design makes browsing baby products a breeze, offering personalized recommendations for an effortless shopping journey. Let’s explore the functioning of an app like firstcry online shopping for baby girl and boys:

  • User Registration

    User Registration

    First, users download the FirstCry app and make an account on it with their email or contact number. They may offer personal information and specify choices for the age and gender of their child.

  • Service Selection

    Product Search

    Once the account is created, users may search for the product or item they want to purchase from the catalog. The app offers an extensive catalog of baby and kids' items, from clothing and diapers to toys and furniture.

  • Supplier Mapping

    Online Shopping

    After that, users may add desired items to their cart, view product details, and check prices and reviews. The FirstCry applications offer safe payment methods like COD, digital wallets, credit cards, net banking, etc. So, users can use any of the desired payment methods once they tap the order place option.

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  • Booking Confirmation


    The FirstCry application provides tailored suggestions depending on the child's interests and age. So, users can also create wishlists and save favorite products in the cart for later.

  • Service Delivery

    Order Tracking

    After placing an order, users can track the status and necessary details within the app. Users may receive notifications about order updates and can contact customer support if needed.

  • Payment and Review

    Parenting Resources

    This app also provides blogs, parenting tips, and videos that can improve and enhance the app's value as a comprehensive parenting platform. So, this is how a user can operate the app.

Online Shopping App Like FirstCry Screenshots

Take off on an amazing journey through the FirstCry app's enchanting UX/UI. Immerse yourself in captivating visuals and discover the secrets to crafting FirstCry online shopping in UAE with an intuitive design inspired by the FirstCry shopping experience.

Must-have Features of a FirstCry Mobile App

Make an app like FirstCry, a fully functional online shopping app suggested for a convenient user experience. Discover the essential features that an eCommerce development company recommends integrating into your app, like FirstCry. It can assist in standing out from others.

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Top 5 Alternatives of FirstCry

Do you know that the FirstCry app facilitates the Fastest and most reliable delivery? However, there are more online shopping apps than this one. The market is filled with numerous top trending online shopping apps in UAE that are making a buzz in the e-commerce industry. Explore the top 5 alternatives to FirstCry, aiming for supremacy in the app market as we delve into the world of online shopping apps like Namshi!

  • TaskRabbit


  • Handy

    Baby Shop Online

  • TaskEasy


  • Fiverr


  • Thumbtack


How to Build an App Like FirstCry?

Want to know how to build an app like FirstCry? An accomplished eCommerce software development services provider recommends the step-by-step process of FirstCry app development. Creating an online shopping app like FirstCry becomes more manageable and efficient for businesses with these simple steps.

  • Visualize Your Idea

    You must start by thoroughly understanding your market and identifying the unique value proposition you offer. Why should users choose your app over FirstCry? Define your audience, their needs, and how your application will address them. All these things must be done thoroughly.

  • 2

    Define Your App's Unique Value

    Once you know the idea and scope of the app, you must next decide what makes your app different from others. Your unique selling point could be better pricing, a wider selection of products, a superior user experience, or innovative features. Define clearly the core value proposition for your app.

  • Create a Business plan

    The next step is to develop a detailed business plan that outlines the goals of your app, its revenue model, and your budget. Consider things like marketing costs, firstcry business model, development expenses, and funding sources.

  • Choose the Right Technology stack

    The next step you need to take after creating a business strategy for your app is to decide on the best technological stack to utilize. You have the option of developing native applications or cross-platform applications. Also, the chosen technology stack should align with your team's skills.

  • Design a User-Centric Interface

    You must know that investing in the user interface and experience design will help you to improve your business. Designers will create a visually pleasing and intuitive interface to make it easy for customers to browse products and add items to the cart. To provide seamless functionality across different devices, give mobile adaptability a top priority.

  • FirstCry App Development

    After that, you will need to hire dedicated developers who are experts in the technology stack you choose, whether it's for iOS, Android, both, etc. These developers write the code, build databases, and integrate vital functionalities like payment processing, user accounts, and inventory management. Also, they will work on the app's backend, API, etc.,

  • Test the App

    The next step after developing your app is testing. Test your app rigorously for security, usability, and functionality. Ensure that your application functions properly on every device and platform by addressing issues. Additionally, do a user test of the application to get opinions and implement any required adjustments.

  • Launch and Marketing

    Lastly, launch your app in app stores once it's ready. Make a strategy to engage the people you want to reach. Use social networking sites, email advertising, content marketing, collaborations, and other channels for advertising your app. Consider offering discounts or promotional offers during the initial launch phase to attract users.

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Cost to Build an App Like FirstCry–An Online Shopping App

You must be looking for the cost to build an app like FirstCry. Well, knowing that the cost of FirstCry app development relies on multiple factors is vital. Apart from this, technological changes are also the main reason behind the fluctuation in the price.

To determine the FirstCry app development cost, you need to know that for a simple app like noon with basic functionality, the cost can be around $10,000-$16,000. However, if you integrate the highly advanced features in your app, the price can be increased up to $18,000-$24,000.

Further, if you want to learn about the exact cost to build an app like FirstCry, you should consult with Dev Technosys, a reputable on-demand app development company who have years of expertise in app development. All you need to do is share your project requirements with them and get your amazing app developed with their expert app developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about developing an app like Firstcry Company from our experts!

  • What is FirstCry?

    FirstCry is an online shopping app that allows users to buy baby and kid products. Users can also purchase maternity products and get passes for expert suggestions and tips on parenting, child care, pregnancy, etc.

  • What Are the Merits of Creating an App like FirstCry?

    The merits of creating an app like FirstCry include:

    • Potential for high revenue through sales and subscriptions.
    • Customer loyalty.
    • Valuable data insights.
    • Opportunities for brand expansion and partnerships in the childcare industry.
  • 3. How Long Does it Take To Build An App Like FirstCry?

    Generally, the timeframe for FirstCry app development depends on multiple factors. However, we can give a time estimation of app development. A basic app can take around 2-5 months, whereas a complex app with highly advanced features will take about 8 months or a year.

  • How Can You Make Money From Apps Like FirstCry?

    A FirstCry-like app may be used to generate money in multiple methods. Here are some of the most useful monetization strategies that you can follow:

    • In-app Purchase
    • In-app Advertisement
    • Freemium Model
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Email Marketing
  • Where to Hire Mobile App Developers for Online Shopping App Development?

    You can consult a prominent services provider like Dev Technosys to hire an Android app developer for online shopping app development. Despite shaking hands on a deal with solo contractors, you should hire part-time or full-time from a reputable agency. From there, you can find the best professionals and experts to build a robust app within your budget.