With the advancement of technology, our expectations are growing every day. Nowadays mobile applications are the new trend. Starting from yoga to food diet, planners, photo editor’s people are dependent on mobile applications. With the need for new advanced mobile applications, the developers are using different programming languages. There are skilled developers working differently on mobile apps of android, windows, and IOS.

The new innovation for developing mobile apps is creating quite a fuss in the industry. Google developed a mobile framework and is an open source. Flutter is a software development kit and can be run in any codebase both for android and IOS.  The big companies are using flutter for their mobile app development Dubai. Developed by Google, it is based on the programming language of Google, Dart and the skia graphics library used by Google chrome. When it comes to the iphone apps, flutter is the best option.

Know the Reasons to Choose Flutter for iPhone App Development Dubai

There are various numbers of cross-platform mobile app developers. Flutter has stood out for very obvious reasons and is the first recommendation by the developers when it comes to the iPhone app development Dubai and all over the world. The reasons are-

1. High speed

Flutter gave birth to the high-speed mobile application development a new life. Various other cross-platform networks for development use different ways to compile codes for IOS and android app development. Flutter uses Dart to compile and interpret codes and is the fastest and simplest also used by Google. Dart compiles and interprets codes until it reaches the native OS code thus increasing the speed of the applications.

2. Built-in Testing

The mobile app development Dubai states that the Dart is capable of a support unit and even does the widget testing. The business logic is tested by the unit testing. Widget testing is used to test the function ability of the user interface. Therefore, there is no need for extra tools or plug-ins for testing. The built-in testing is the most amazing feature of flutter.

3. Customized User Interface

Like the cross-platform frame networks, flutter does not use the native OS platform to build the user interface. Flutter makes its own user interface and can be used on different platforms. Unlike the other cross-platform UIs, the user interface of flutter renders all its features and components in every other OS platforms just the way it was built.

4. Non-stop delivery and integration

According to the iPhone app development Dubai, Apple uses Xcode server for the continuous process of delivery and integration. However, when it comes to large projects, the Xcode server is not efficient. This was a common complaint among the IOS developers. Flutter works like magic when it comes to scalability, and high-speed continuous delivery and integration.

5. High productivity 

For big business, high productivity is an enhancing factor. The codes remain intact even after any changes are made. The changes are saved immediately after it is made. Flutter doesn’t need grade those slowdowns the cycle of development in iOS app development. Flutter helps to combine the designers and the developers with easy collaboration. Thus, increasing the performance of the developer.

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6. CD assistance

Google flutter has collaborated with Codemagic solutions. As per the iPhone app developer Dubai, Codemagic is a CD solution and does not need any configuration. It can develop, test, detect and pack the applications built by flutter. This increases the integrity of the large applications and increases the adaptability of the applications.

7. Quick updates

When the developers make a team and work together, the developers can see the changes made to any code. This helps the designers and developers work together and see the new features that they have created works or not. If not, then the bugs can easily be detected and corrected. With other app developments, it takes a lot of time to detect the bugs and change them.

8. Great for MVP Products

Flutter can make a mobile application really quick. It takes about 240 hours to create an average app through flutter for IOS apps. Flutter is great for minimum viable products.

9. Exclusive widget catalog

With the IOS widgets, flutter gives a native application feel that makes it easier to make an exact design and brand experience desired by the users. Flutter is based on the widget, the unified object model, instead of having different features and layouts. Widgets are used as structural elements used in fonts and other textures. The widgets developed individually contain the layout information which means that it doesn’t have to go through the processing rules applied.

10. Less code

Dart is an object-oriented, strong, and ahead of time compilation that is used to make the flutter. The programming language is therefore reactive and declarative. Flutter doesn’t require the use of JavaScript. Therefore the start-up times and the overall performance are improved. With less code, there is less chance of bugs.


As per the iPhone app developer Dubai, flutter is new in the world of IOS app development and therefore there is a chance of introduction of new features to the iPhone applications. Great performance, customized user interface, quick updates, less use of codes and high productivity has placed flutter above the other native OS developments.